Wellbeing Support Sessions

for young people

Young people can always benefit from having someone to talk to – someone who is neutral, non- judgemental but also a qualified counsellor, to support them and know when to refer them to appropriate health professionals when needed

This is where we come in

Founded by Kim Huckerby in 2018, The Wellbeing affect was created to produce and deliver mental health and wellbeing services that educate, empower and inspire change. With over 20 years’ experience, Kim is a Social Worker and Counsellor who has worked extensively with young people, parents, secondary schools and the corporate sector, with a clear focus on mental health and wellbeing. She is a highly skilled and passionate professional, engaging in many diverse roles such as psycho-education, mentoring, strategic planning, leadership, teaching/training, and coaching. She has equipped herself throughout her career with the necessary tools, skill-base and knowledge to impart her years of knowledge to a large range of audiences.


Kim Huckerby
The Wellbeing Affect
Ph: 0416 114 281
W: www.thewellbeingaffect.com.au

The Wellbeing speaker for business, schools & community

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