The Wellbeing Affect

Delivering Mental Health First Aid. Courses and Wellbeing Programs

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Who Are We

Lindsey Walker fnd Kim Huckerby

co-founded The Wellbeing Affect and have been running their innovative, boutique company since 2018. This dynamic duo have a team of senior trainers that are ready to deliver high quality, nationally accredited, Teen, Youth and Standard Mental Health First Aid training courses for you, as well as our Corporate Wellbeing Workshops.

Professional Training

Innovative and inspiring training professionals, delivering Mental Health First Aid Training and wellbeing workshops for Corporates, Schools and Communities.


Our aim with every training program that we deliver, is for participants to take away more than new skills and knowledge – they leave us changed and inspired.


Our Organisation

Welcome to The Wellbeing Affect. Our innovative, boutique business delivers quality Mental Health First Aid Training and Wellbeing workshops to companies, schools and local communities. Mental Health First Aid training teaches you how to provide initial support to other adults or young people, who are experiencing mental health challenges. Let us share with you a little about us.


 Our People

We say we hire only the best – but what does that mean? Our entire team of trainers are qualified mental health professionals with diverse backgrounds in social work, psychology, counselling, human resources and corporate social responsibility. We attract the best, most experienced and engaging presenters so that your team have a training experience that is second to none.


 Our Passion

The simple reason we are so good at what we do, is because we are incredibly passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and upskilling and inspiring others to feel confident in this space. We imagine a world where everyone has the skills and confidence to support those who need it.