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The Wellbeing Affect delivers Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing programs to many organisations, and aids at being complementary to their current strategies, programs, and initiatives. However, in some cases, it is the start of an organisational shift towards a cultural change that catapults wellbeing into the limelight.

We understand the need to have a corporate culture of proactive, preventative management of workplace wellbeing, and this requires organisations to recognise the intrinsic value of what wellbeing really means.

Almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. We know that mental illness affects not only mortality, but also people’s social and emotional wellbeing. It influences and affects people’s ability to lead a functioning life through personal, social, and economic factors. And where do people spend the majority of their week? Well, working adults spend more time at work – approximately one-third of their day, than in any other setting. This gives employers unrivalled opportunities to influence and therefore benefit the health and wellbeing of their workers.

So, how do we support staff to feel connected, have meaningful working relationships, contribute to their communities, and have meaningful skills to increase self-confidence and therefore efficacy in the workplace?

Now is the time to invest in our Workplace Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing courses for your staff.

Course Options


✓ Two Hour Course
✓ Groups of up to 25 employees
✓ Interactive, Experiential, Engaging


✓ Blended online mode of delivery (12 participants)
✓ face-to-face delivery (up to 22 participants)
✓ Accredited staff, MHFA Officers


✓ Quarterly Reviews With Wellbeing Champion
✓ Implementation Procedure
✓ Long Term Sustainability
✓ Refresher Training For Staff


✓ Tailored workshops to meet the needs/wants of your workplace
✓ Online or face-to-face delivery
✓ Time to be confirmed by you – 90 minute to full day workshops available

The Wellbeing speaker for business, schools & community

Ask about having Kim Huckerby speak at your next live or virtual event.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Tailored Workshops

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops, upskill staff by delivering key messages about how to best support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff in the workplace. Our team work extremely hard to ensure that every training program that we run, has been tailored to meet the needs/wants of the workplace we are presenting too. This provides participants with connection to the content, but more importantly, it enables us to be able to deliver key messages to staff about support systems that are in place, like EAPs, which is essential in creating a safe and healthy workplace.

Our People

Having the right facilitator to deliver our workshops is crucial to how your staff will engage with it and get the most from it. We know the evidence – trainers need to be adaptable, competent, have great interpersonal skills and be able to stimulate and entertain – at the same time as being incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, empathic and fun! It’s a lot to ask – but it is central to our success.

We are looking forward to working with you to promote key messages for employees to take action for their own mental health, and for managers and colleagues to be able to support their teams and individuals in the workplace.

Our Passion

We hope that mental health and wellbeing takes a prominent role in your organisation, and that it becomes a major strand of your corporate social responsibility. We know that collective action in this space with employees, employers and the community will see increased positive outcomes for your organisation, and we recognise the importance of your workplace being able to demonstrate mental wellbeing credentials through this Initiative.

Our Approach


Team Up

When we work with you, we take our role seriously and aim to support you and your workplace to be able to have a mentally healthy and engaged workforce, who feel capable, connected, and competent in all that they do. We will work with you, to champion wellbeing in the workplace, by delivering strategic direction, training and implementation.

We know that by ‘teaming up’, mental health/wellbeing will take a prominent role in your workplace. We know that collective action in this space with employees and employers will see increased positive outcomes, and we recognise the importance of your organisation being able to demonstrate mental wellbeing credentials.



Our aim is to have positive mental health outcomes permeated throughout your workplace long term. The Wellbeing effect will work with you to ensure that you have not only trained your staff but that you have implemented strategies that will positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of your staff and company as a whole. This consultation process includes but is not limited to updating policies and procedures in relation to workplace wellness, implementation of MHFA Officers and policies that align with this role, and yearly refresher training for staff that has engaged in MHFA training and alternate training for those who have not.


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