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With a career spanning over 20 years, Kim Huckerby’s professional experience as a Social Worker, Educator, Mentor, and thought Leader, has helped influence and shape her work as a Speaker/Trainer in the mental health space. Kim’s passion and skill ensures that every time she steps onto the stage or engages with her audience online, people walk away feeling changed and inspired. She has worked with companies such as Mastercard, Thales Group, Ray White and imparting 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience.

Kim’s ambitious goal is to foster change across the mental health and wellbeing space, ultimately resulting in a more inclusive and forward-thinking world in which every person is equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist those who may be struggling.

In a moment of serendipity, Kim was invited to undertake her Social Work placement at the Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW as part of her final year of study at the University of Sydney. It was this pivotal moment that inspired her to continue her career progression in the mental health sector, culminating in the creation of her Speaking/Training business, The Wellbeing Affect.

Kim is based in Sydney, Australia with her husband, two beautiful boys (aged 12 and 14), and their beloved fur baby, Coco (aka the ‘lemon’ dog because there is always something wrong with her)!

The Wellbeing Affect has been purpose-built on the foundations of empowerment and education to deliver much-needed mental health and wellbeing support, by equipping each client with the skills and techniques to make a positive impact on themselves, their loved ones, and peers.

Kim and her team at The Wellbeing Affect deliver:

  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing programs Australia wide
  • Bespoke Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops (Leaders and general staff)
  • Kim Huckerby – Keynote Speaking (in-person, virtual and/or hybrid)

Kim was outstanding and had a lot of practical experience in the field which helped us immensely in bridging the gap between theory and real life.


Truly insightful and just amazing!


Lived and breathed the content and kept it very practical.


Thanks for your instruction and life-altering insights


Speaking Topics

Mental health in a post pandemic workplace

Are you OK? What if the answer is no? 

Getting comfortable with conversations that count

Internationally, the mental wellbeing of employees continues to be a focal point, emerging as a pivotal aspect of Workplace Health and Safety that can no longer be ignored.

In Australia alone, where mental health incurs a staggering cost of $10.9 billion annually for businesses, there exists an imperative for all workplaces to manage the mental health and overall wellbeing of their teams properly.

This paradigm shift in culture signifies that employees not only anticipate mental health training but envision being part of an organisation that actively ensures the welfare of its people.

Kim Huckerby, renowned as Australia’s Leading Mental Health Speaker and Workplace Wellness Educator, recognises a significant gap in the workforce where employees have not been adequately trained or provided guidance 'on the job' on addressing mental health issues.

Would everyone on your team know how to respond to “No, I’m not OK”?

Working on the mental health front lines for over two decades, Kim is dedicated to equipping individuals and teams with the tools and skills to identify mental health concerns and employ effective communication strategies that support individuals, teams, and entire workplaces.

Through her expertise, she empowers organisations to foster a culture that not only acknowledges mental health but also proactively engages in meaningful conversations and actions to create supportive and resilient work environments.

Mental Health - A Balancing Act

Are you OK? What if the answer is NO?

Who is going to thank you for burning out? 

The need for self and workplace accountability

We are all familiar with the safety instructions on planes. Passengers are urged to secure their own oxygen masks before assisting others.

This analogy extends beyond the skies and seamlessly aligns with the broader spectrum of life.

Kim Huckerby, renowned as Australia’s Leading Mental Health Speaker and Workplace Wellness Educator, skillfully draws parallels to underscore the significance of self-accountability in preventing burnout.

In this keynote tailored for teams of all sizes, Kim will pose a thought-provoking question: "Who's going to thank you for burning out?"

Through this powerful inquiry, attendees will be prompted to reflect on the pivotal role of self-care and the impact it has on their overall wellbeing and their performance at work. They’ll also learn how to support those around them.

Attendees will be encouraged to:

  • Show up for themselves; then others
  • Share what’s going on; and ask great questions
  • Seek support if and when it’s needed; and encourage others to do the same

Through this engaging and informative presentation, attendees not only gain valuable insights into the detrimental effects of burnout but also learn practical strategies to prioritise self-care, creating more sustainable and mentally wealthy workplaces at an individual, team and department-level.

Who's going to thank you for burning out?

Digital Resilience 

Nurturing wellbeing in an AI and tech-driven workplace

This keynote has been designed to explore the human side of technology, emphasising the role of digital awareness in maintaining and enhancing mental health at work.

Kim Huckerby, renowned as Australia’s Leading Mental Health Speaker and Workplace Wellness Educator, guides her audience through an insightful exploration of the intersection between technology and mental wellness in contemporary work environments.

She emphasises the need for individuals to set boundaries, manage screen time, and adopt a mindful approach to digital interactions. Through personal anecdotes and evidence-based strategies, Kim empowers her audience to navigate the challenges posed by technology in supporting people and teams remotely and harness its potential for a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

She introduces practical and actionable habits that individuals can cultivate to support their mental health in the digital age. From incorporating mindfulness practices to fostering supportive online communities in the office, attendees gain valuable tools to enhance their wellbeing while navigating the challenges of a tech-driven work environment.

By the end of this engaging keynote, attendees leave with heightened awareness, equipped to foster digital resilience within themselves and their teams. Kim’s impactful insights provide a roadmap for individuals and organisations to not only survive but thrive in the dynamic and tech-driven world of modern work environments.

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